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Meet Omnipool

Hydration is a next-gen DeFi protocol which is designed to bring an ocean of liquidity to Polkadot. Our tool for the job the Hydration Omnipool - an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) which unlocks unparalleled efficiencies by combining all assets in a single trading pool.

By putting an end to liquidity fragmentation, the Hydration Omnipool makes trading efficient like no other AMM. Thanks to lower slippage and less hops, traders can enjoy capital efficiency gains (which scale further with TVL) as compared to a typical situation where liquidity is fragmented across different trading pools (learn more).

The design of the Hydration Omnipool empowers single-sided liquidity provisioning - anyone can provide liquidity only for the asset they want, and the Omnipool will take care of the rest (learn more). In the early phases of bootstrapping growth, providing liquidity for selected assets will be incentivized by Hydrated Farms - additional rewards on top rewards from trading fees which grow over time (learn more).

Single-sided LPing is an especially powerful concept for treasuries of DAOs and other projects who can supply their asset to the Omnipool - trustlessly via XCM, and gain instant exposure to an ocean of assets. Without hidden fees for market makers, while building up (diversified) POL from trading fees (learn more).

The Hydration Omnipool enjoys state of the art security: The underlying code has underwent multiple audits, and there is a generous bug bounty program incentivizing the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities. Besides that, a combination of cutting-edge mechanisms such as liquidity caps, protocol fees and circuit breakers work together to keep your liquidity safe (learn more).

Building upon 2+ years of R&D, Hydration has found ways to address another pain point of AMMs - impermanent loss (IL). Thanks to a combination of non-inflationary measures, liquidity providers will experience less IL when providing their liquidity to the Omnipool (learn more).

Stay hydrated, not liquidated.