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Hydrate Your Treasury (B2B)

The Hydration Omnipool has an outspoken value proposition for the treasury of any project or DAO. Forget about centralized market makers and inflationary rewards for liquidity mining; the Omnipool can facilitate the creation of a market for your token in a cost-efficient manner - trustless, without hidden costs and while building up your POL from trading fees.

Thanks to its cutting-edge design, the Hydration Omnipool supports single-sided LPing. Instead of wastefully allocating liquidity mining rewards to incentivize other users to provide liquidity, projects and DAOs can deposit a part of their treasury to the Omnipool and receive instant exposure to all other assets in an ocean of liquidity: Diversified and deep (Hydration has $20M+ worth of POL which is gradually being deployed).

LPing in the Hydration Omnipool is truly trustless. Leveraging Polkadot’s unique capability of cross-chain communication (XCM), the Omnipool empowers you to always remain in control of your funds: You can both provide your liquidity and manage it without relying on third parties.

Providing liquidity to the Hydration Omnipool is not only cost-efficient - it is also profitable. Instead of having your tokens sit idle in your treasury, you can put them to work. You will earn rewards from trading fees, allowing you to build up POL over time. Soon, our upcoming TWAMM/DCA feature will allow you diversify the accumulated POL in other assets (e.g. dollar cost averaged stablecoins or DOT which you can use to bid on your next parachain slot).

Finally, the Hydration Omnipool enjoys state of the art security. Besides rigorous audits and a generous bug bounty program, we have set up a combination of measures which work together to keep your liquidity safe. Learn more here.