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Cross-chain Transfer

On this page you will find a step-by-step guide for performing cross-chain transfers.

Cross-chain transfers allow you to transport non-native assets to the Hydration chain from other Polkadot parachains, or from Polkadot itself.

Currently, the following tokens are supported by Hydration for cross-chain transfers:

  • DOT
  • DAI (from Acala, bridged via Wormhole)
  • ETH (from Acala, bridged via Wormhole)
  • HDX

00 Prerequisites

Before you continue, please make sure you have sufficient amount of tokens on the destination chain for fees (ACA or DOT).

01 Navigate to Cross-chain Transfers


02 Connect Your Account

Click on Connect wallet and connect to your preferred Polkadot wallet. After that, select your account.

03 Cross-chain Transfer

  • Select the source chain and the destination chain;
  • Select the asset you intend to transfer and enter the amount;
  • Enter the destination address. It should automatically populate with your address on that chain, but you can also change it to another address;
  • Click Transfer and sign the transaction using your wallet.