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Stake HDX

Staking allows users to stake their HDX tokens and earn rewards which vest over time. This page contains a step-by-step guide on how to stake your HDX. Before proceeding, we recommend that you get familiar with the basics of HDX staking.

If you don't have any HDX, you can obtain some on our trade page by swapping against a range of assets supported by the Omnipool.

Step 0: Navigate to Hydration Staking Page

Connect your wallet to Hydration by clicking Connect Account.

Step 1: Stake Your HDX

  • Select the amount of HDX tokens you would like stake (3).
  • Click on Stake (4) to confirm and sign the transaction using your wallet app.

Step 2: Keep Your HDX Staked

  • The amount of rewards you receive is determined by the size of your staked HDX relative to the whole stake pool.
  • As time passes, you unlock a greater portion of your allocated rewards. The rate of unlocking is determined by a rewards bonding curve.
  • Learn more in the Staking product docs.

Step 3: Boost Your Rewards

  • Collect Action Points to boost your rewards and increase the pace at which you unlock rewards.
  • You can collect Action Points by voting on referenda. The more staked HDX you use for the vote and the higher the Conviction Multitplier - the more Action Points you receive.
  • Learn more in the Staking product docs.

Step 4: Claim Your Rewards

  • Review your Staking statistics to observe and plan your own staking strategy (5).
  • Once you are done staking, Claim your unlocked rewards (8).

Every time you claim unlocked staking rewards, you forfeit any locked rewards which are redistributed to all other stakers. Furthermore, your past Action Points will be reset.

For instance, if a staker claims rewards when 75% of the rewards are available, the remaining 25% is forfeited. The staker must then wait for the same duration to claim 75% of the subsequent batch of rewards.