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Place a DCA Order

On this page you will find a step-by-step guide for setting up a DCA order in the Hydration Omnipool.

Before proceeding, we encourage you to visit our DCA product page in order to get yourself familiar with the Hydration implementation of the dollar-cost averaging strategy.

Step 1: Navigate to Hydration DCA Page

Step 2: Connect to Your Account

Connect your wallet to Hydration by clicking Connect Account (1 in image above).

Step 3: Set up DCA Order

  • Select the asset you will use to pay for the swap; Enter the order amount for each DCA trade, and the total order size (2);
  • Select the time interval for each DCA swap (3);
  • Select the asset you would like to receive from the swap (4);
  • For advanced users who would like to set up orders at specific block intervals, you can toggle the switch Advanced Settings (5) to set this up;
  • If you would like to adjust your slippage preferences, you can do so by clicking on the Settings Icon (6);
  • To complete the DCA order, click on Schedule DCA trades (7) and sign the transaction using your wallet app.

Step 4: View your DCA Order

  • After submitting it, your DCA order will appear under DCA Orders;
  • To see the details, click the Dropdown Arrow (8);
  • You can cancel your DCA order for the remaining amount by clicking on Terminate (9).