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Intro to Development

The purpose of the Build section of the Hydration documentation is to share technical knowledge with the community and to empower individual contributions. Hydration is a community-driven project which invests heavily in incentivizing community involvement, and we especially appreciate technical contributions!

All technical contributions which are aligned with the goals of Hydration are eligible for generous rewards which are paid out as Treasury tips in HDX. You can find more information about our reward scheme under the following links:

How to Start

Hydration is powered by Substrate which is a cutting-edge blockchain framework built on Rust. Knowledge of Rust is therefore an important prerequisite for chain development. If you want to learn Rust, a good place to start is the "Rust Book".

A further requirement is basic knowledge of the Substrate framework. If you want to get up to speed quickly, we highly recommend you to subscribe to the Acala Runtime Developer Academy.

How to Continue

Check out the docs under Build. Ask questions on Discord. Fork us. Open a PR with your contribution.