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Bridge Assets from Ethereum

Bridging assets from the Ethereum ecosystem is easy using the Wormhole bridge which is implemented by the Moonbeam network.

When bridging an asset, Wormhole will lock it on the source network and mint an equivalent amount of Wormhole-wrapped assets on the Moonbeam network. The assets are then transferred to the Hydration chain where they can be used for trading. In a few clicks and seamlessly.

To bridge assets from Ethereum to Hydration, follow the steps below.


  • A Polkadot wallet
  • An Ethereum wallet
  • ETH for transaction fees


  1. Navigate to the Carrier UI
  2. As Destination, select Hydration
  3. Connect your Ethereum wallet
  4. Connect your Hydration wallet
  5. Select the asset you wish to bridge and the amount
  6. Click on Settings and turn on Auto Relay
  7. Confirm and sign the transaction

Once finalized, the assets will appear in your Hydration wallet.